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Cyborg has been confirmed to be one of the "Mother Boxes" that the villainous Steppenwolf is seeking for Darkseid in this superhero adventure.

As for this photo, it's possible that this was taken way back in October 2016, when Jason Momoa shared several Instagram photos with Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder and more, as he shared beers with his cast and crew after wrapping production in Iceland.

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They're the ones we admire and they’re undeniably the ones to keep an eye on when you’re browsing social media.

Here's a look at 25 celebrities who own the Instagram workout game: As the highest-paid actor in the world and one of the most jacked dudes in Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson barely has any time to sleep—but he always has time for the gym.

Björnsson posts workouts of all kinds on Instagram, including pause squats, dumbbell presses, wide-grip deadlifts, barbell skullcrushers, incline dumbbell presses, hamstring workouts, and MORE barbell-bending deadlifts.

#Repost @australianstrengthcoach with @repostapp ・・・ @thorbjornsson pressing 150kg - 330lbs x 5 reps.

Along with photos and videos promoting his top movies like , Johnson shows off his many workouts: battle ropes, hitting the punching bag, overhand-grip bicep curls, flipping tires with Zac Efron, blasting his massive chest and shoulders with cable flyes, and doing leg curls. Startin' the day off right by destroying shoulders.

Finishing exercise: slight forward lean shrugs hitting deep in the lower traps.

The director revealed on the social media platform Vero that this image was the last shot of featuring Jason Momoa on the Iceland set, featuring the shirtless actor raising his arms in a rage, while standing in knee-deep water. While unconfirmed, that report claimed that Warner Bros.

The image also showcases a number of different camera men and other crew members. has spent upwards of million on reshoots, a much higher figure than the million to million typically earmarked for reshoots, which often take up about five weeks.

Let's get this straight: Rich and oh so philosophical Tyrese is too broke to pay his child custody legal fees, so Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith give him and his wife million?!

reshoots, original director Zack Snyder will still be credited as the director, with the filmmaker taking to social media to share a new image from the film.

The former professional football player—Crews spent time with the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, the Washington Redskins, and the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL—successfully made the transition to acting, but he hasn’t forgotten his athletic and fitness roots.


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