Who is jayde nicole dating

Nicole hatte mehrere Auftritte als sie selbst in Fernsehserien.

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Photos like the above (snapped at the PCA party a few nights ago) and this one have cause all sorts of forum chatter about WSOP champ Joe Cada potentially dating Jayde Nicole.

Like most rumors, this one is star Vincent Chase (we agree with the Sports Guy that Grenier should just permanently change his name to that). In somewhat related PCA news, Dario Minieri leads after Day 2 of the $25k High Rollers event.

She promises lots of bikini parties and of course, the bunnies' inimitable wardrobe."A Playmate's style is a very sexy look, of course, but it's also very classy and girly and kind of cutesie," Nicole says.

" A jeans cut-off short with a bight-colored tank-top is something that I always do.

Nicole, who was named Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 2008, has appeared on 'The Girls Next Door,' 'The Hills' and her then-boyfriend Brody Jenner's reality series, 'Bromance.' She also received some unwanted attention in the gossip press over a bizarre incident last summer, when she was roughed up at a nightclub by 'Girls Gone Wild' impresario Joe Francis.

On our new show, 'Bunny House,' they let you be your true personality and it's a lot more fun.

Since becoming a pescatarian, surprisingly I don't crave for poultry or red meat and to be honest, it made it a lot easier for me to decide on food when I am out.

Hugh Hefner's Playboy reality show franchise is set to grow again in August, with the debut of a 'The Girls Next Door' spin-off called 'The Girls Next Door: Bunny House.' Among the cast-members will be Jayde Nicole, a familiar face to anyone who has been following the soap opera of contemporary L. Nicole spoke to Pop Eater about clothes, guys, and the pressures of living her life on reality TV."Being on 'The Hills' was really stressful," says Nicole over the telephone from Los Angeles, with her longhair teacup chihuahua, Pumpkin, audible in the background.

But we still keep in touch, and things are good."So what was it like dating such a heart-throb?


  1. “We had a lot of mishaps and more than that, I couldn’t believe we put ourselves through all this stress when we could’ve gone to the courthouse and gotten a pizza!

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