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For every happy thing on This Is Us, there always seems to be something unhappy to accompany it.

Even though the detective will shift to NBC’s legal offshoot as a series regular later this season, actor Jon Seda tells TVLine he’ll be visiting Intelligence plenty in the future.

In fact, Antonio will be jumping between the franchise’s many dramas all season long. It’s really going to be seamless,” Seda says of the transition.

His being a single parent and dealing with that is going to be brought up, and that’s going to factor in a lot. It’s not like it’s an easy decision for the two of them. It’s like in life: You have two people who never would have thought they’d find something in common with each other, and yet they find it and the stars align, and you give it a shot.

A.’s office as an investigator, partnered with Joelle Carter’s Lori Nagle, who was introduced in the backdoor pilot.

Antonio is that link between all the shows, really," Seda tells It's never done before in TV, where a character was spun off from one show to help create [another] one, and they're now being spun off again. Seda's staying tight-lipped for now, but assures that Antonio's exit will make sense with the narrative of the show.

It was kind of from left field for me, but it really made sense when you think about it. It really is an incredible opportunity, and I'm so thankful that Dick Wolf and NBC came to me about this." has not yet been set.)So, what prompts him to leave?Greg Nava talked him into keeping the scene, arguing that because Selena and Chris did elope, ignoring it would be dishonest and do a disservice to them. Advocacy groups and both the American and Mexican press argued that a Puerto Rican from New York shouldn't have been cast to play the Mexican-American singer, who grew up in Texas. Jackie Guerra, who played Selena's sister Suzette, wanted the role so badly, she lied about her ability to play the drums in her audition. In reality, she didn't know how, but when Suzette found out, she gave Jackie private lessons.7. Although she sings the intro to "Como la Flor" in the Monterrey concert scene, every other song you hear in the film is Selena. Another possibility: That Antonio's departure will somehow stem from the investigation into Hank Voight's (Jason Beghe) actions at the end of Season 3, in which Voight (presumably) killed and buried the man who murdered his son."Without giving anything away, Antonio ...still tries to, as much as he can, do everything by the book and not sacrifice his convictions," Seda says.(It was also the one and only time Chris visited the set.) 3.


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