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– Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham, Melbourne 15th April – 6th May.2017 Contemporary Earth – Mingara Gallery, Cowes, Phillip Island 7th – 31st, January.

Sara Paxton was born on April 25, 1988 in Woodland Hills, California and began acting at a young age in television commercials.

She was cast in her first film at the age of 8 as a child at school and at the party in Liar Liar.

I look forward to seeing you there and I would really appreciate it if you shared this with any friends or family who love art!

Sara Professional oil painting artist from Melbourne, Australia who specialises in landscapes, still life and abstract paintings.

2017 Eagles Nest Gallery, Airey’s Inlet 29th Oct – 19th November.

2016 Seaview Gallery, Queencliff – Shared Exhibition with David Hobday Oil painting, drawing, inks, printmaking, you name it I love it!

I experiment with multiple art mediums although my strongest and probably best known medium is oil paints.

I’ve been painting for many years and you can read more about me HERE!

And if you're 98 and you just saw this movie - I want to buy you a beer.

centers on high school seniors Logan and Blake, who prepare for an epic spring break as they travel to the beautiful and exotic Mexican beach resort of Puerto Vallarta hoping to hook up with their high school crushes.

If you missed it, check out our exclusive clip from the film, out TOMORROW, May 13th.


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