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—may or may not be dating star of such Certified Fresh movies as the one, the only, the Scarlett Johansson. ) So I asked myself a very simple question I’ve asked myself for very different purposes almost every morning since November: How did we get here?Scarlett Johansson is 32-years-old, and arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet. And more specifically: If they are indeed dating—which, who knows—how did Scar Jo get here?2004AScarlett Johansson was romantically linked to 31-year-old Jude Law, then 12 years her senior. 2005She has a fling with notorious lady’s man Jared Leto, thus beginning her age-appropriate dudes phase.

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This particular film even led her, for the first time, to be nominated as Best Female Lead at Independent Spirit Awards.

Her acting career later received a boost when she acted as a troubled girl who had lost her legs because of a riding accident in "The Horse Whisperer" (1998).

Her deep interest in acting came up when she just barely 3 years old as she told her mother that she had the fire in her brain to act.

With her mother's support, she started to enter some auditions for films and managed to land her first role at the age of 8 in the off-Broadway production of "Sophistry" at New York's Playwrights Horizons Theatre.

It was, as people say, Totally understandable behavior. If you were a starlet between the ages of 19-24 between 2003-2006, it was basically a rite of passage to have sex with del Toro in a hotel lift.* I mean, you guys have seen , right? -2005 to 2011 is more or less the “Oh wait I can basically date any dude I want” phase. -2011 (cont.): Classic rebound situation, going from someone who smiles all the time (Reynolds) to someone whose face is sort of stuck in a permanent snarl (Penn’s face).

-2012 to 2016 finds Scarlett with two good-looking successful guys (Naylor and Dauriac) who are nonetheless not a part of the Hollywood elite.

After dating actors for so long, this is a reasonable departure.

Plus, hot creative execs are the actors of normal people.

Despite the ironic condition of being given an "introducing" credit, she successfully gained huge praise and was acknowledged as a potential teen actress of Hollywood.

About a week ago, news broke that Bobby Flay—aka hamburgler fuccboi, aka “this sandwich won’t bite, I promise” guy, aka wait, is he going to cook this kitty cat?

She’s also a fabulous actress, and one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. And his name sounds like the generic version of a name that gets sold at Walgreens for half the price. Below, I’ve compiled an incomplete list of Scarlett Johansson’s paramours, in roughly chronological order.


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