Who is sisqo dating 2016

They formed an American singing group Dru Hill in 1992. There he got enrolled at Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School. He also completed his high school graduation from there. That year he also became the father of his second child, Quintus. Edit In 1996, they singed a recording contract with Island Records.

His nationality is American and he is of black ethnicity.

Edit During his mid teens, he worked at The Fudgery.

'In the morning he was friendly and relaxed with me, but he didn't say a lot.'I Ieft because I knew my mum would be wondering where I was.' When Jamila missed her next two periods she nervously went to the doctor who told her she was ten weeks' pregnant.'I was shocked and panicked,' she said.'I made the doctor promise not to tell my mother because I didn't know what to do.'Eventually I had to tell her.

We're very close and I knew she wouldn't be angry, but I was so young, and terrified.'There was no question in my mind that it was Mark's baby.

Jamila Farid, who lives in Zurich with son Ian, now ten, says she became pregnant after an illicit romp with the singer, now 31, when she was just 14.

She now wants Sisqo to admit he is the father and to fulfil his responsibilities.Jamila, who was recently made redundant from her admin job, claims Sisqo never mentioned contraception before their one-night stand at the four star Intercontinental 11 years ago.And she says the singer, real name Mark Althavean Andrews, has refused numerous times to take a DNA test - forcing Swiss authorities to declare he is the father in his absence.Jamila, who gets by on £300 a week benefits, says she isn't interested in Sisqo's fortune - but wants Ian to meet his dad.But the Swiss child support agency is trying to contact the Rn B star to force him to pay £100,000 in backdated maintenance payments.I hadn't been with anyone else at that time, although I wasn't a virgin.' But as Ian turned into a bright four-year-old he began to ask about his father and where he came from.

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