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And speaking of La La land, Showtime's Ray Donovan features a lawyer whose specialty is getting the Los Angeles elite out of trouble. This week on Egotastic Allstars.com, Kendall Jenner proves that she takes after big sister Kim in more ways than one. Kate Moss has been the standard for hotness for over twenty years and as this recent shoot proves, she shows no signs of losing her mouth watering appeal!In a clip from last week's episode Ray's father, played by Jon Voight, looks like he might need his son's help as he parties with a trio of gorgeous, much younger hotties. Fitness fanatic and super sexy model Ana Cheri strips down for some fun in the sun for Playboy.It was a hard-fought legal battle, as Warner/Chappell made an estimated two million dollars a year in royalties by claiming the copyright. And Denver, Colorado, is considering a "pot club ordinance" that would allow people to smoke pot at restaurants.

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We get our first steamy sex scene just TWELVE minutes into the flick.

Blonde goddess Sabina Gadecki shows off a smoking hot body that makes us want to buy a one-way ticket to Hollywood and never look back!

This is going to be a major hit and for good reason. It's followed by Harvard, with Stanford tied with the UK's Cambridge in third.

In total, five of the top ten universities are American. Overall, eight hundred schools from eighty-two countries were studied for the ranking.

It looks like the "Birthday song" battle is OVER, after a federal judge ruled that Warner/Chappell Music does not have a valid claim to its lyrics.

That means the lyrics AND melody are now in the public domain.

When an unexpected sandstorm threatens the mission, Mark and the rest of the Ares 3 crew are ordered to evacuate, or face being stranded on the red planet indefinitely.

Debris from the storm interferes with Mark's spacesuit and his vital signs monitor stops working.

Unlike the science-heavy scenes of Interstellar, The Martian keeps things simple and focuses on the human side of the story - and it isn't just Mark who is suffering.


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  5. Yet here in India my age doesn’t matter and I have more attention being paid to me by men than I have in a decade! And generally speaking I have a feeling that it’s not for my personality and brains but because of my fair skin and blonde hair and – let’s be honest – in part because of the perception that Indian men have about western women.

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