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Augustine, FL), Anastasia State Park is a destination full of "New World" lore.Along the 4.5 miles of undeveloped beach, and among the groves of gnarled live oaks and marshy grasses, it's easy to imagine Spanish conquistadors and lawless pirates marauding the area.And though staying the night at the resort can be a bit pricey, the access from its docks to the May River is as easy as it gets—especially considering Outside Hilton Head is onsite offering boat rentals and tours.

Today, the park is home to 1,600 acres, over 130 exotic cove-like campsites, ancient Native American and Spanish quarries, and enticing ecosystems.

Insider's tip: grab some Baja shrimp tacos from the taco stand just before the entrance of the park.

The Mossy Ridge Trail, in particular, is the trail of choice for many Nashvillian locals looking for a well-rounded 4.5 mile loop that has it all: steep climbs, fast descents, and far from technical singletrack trails.

The Pinewood Social is a classy meeting house for people from all walks of life—from suave businessmen and women, to fedora-wearing hipsters, to a couple of grimy Roots Rated staffers doing computer work at a table all morning, drinking unlimited cups of Crema coffee, eating elegant egg Benedict dishes, and not once feeling pressured by the staff to leave.

On the western brow of Lookout Mountain just outside the quaint mountain village of Mentone, AL, De Soto Falls is a place that was seemingly destined to be photographed.

The 104-foot waterfall carves out a pathway through the sandstone bowl surrounding it and then smacks the pool below with loud, erratic claps reminiscent of a giant natural shower.North Chickamauga Creek , which begins high on the Cumberland Plateau as an experts-only whitewater run , becomes a gentle twenty mile ribbon of water when it reaches the valley at Soddy, Tennessee, eventually reaching the Tennessee River just below Chickamauga Dam.For a relaxing day on the water in a serene setting, it doesn't get much better than a float down North Chick.The 12 miles of trails are often comprised of red soil due to iron ore deposits in the mountain.And where there are iron ore deposits in Birmingham, there are often mining pasts, so the incredibly verdant forests at Ruffner are littered with secret quarries and intriguing relics and furnaces from the industrial past.The town of Tybee Island itself is a charming coastal community with seafood restaurants, summer beach houses, and hotels, and the long stretch of "no frills" beach gives surfers, windsurfers, and paddlers a great chance to play on the water.


  1. Mumbai (Marathi: मुंबई), a cosmopolitan metropolis, earlier known as Bombay, is the largest city in India and the capital of the state Maharashtra.

  2. But never underestimate the level of danger lurking in chat rooms. And besides, isn’t it more fun talking about personal things to real people? Real contact with friends is a lot more meaningful in the long run than internet chats with faceless strangers, except if you are very shy and have no friends.

  3. Dental X-rays show many things that a dentist can't see just by looking into your mouth, such as decay in between your teeth, root canal filling, eruption of wisdom teeth, placement of primary teeth, oral cancer and much more.

  4. Almost all the files on the Nexus sites are compressed in to what are known as "archives".

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