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That the person that determines the outcome of your life is yourself whether it is good or bad.

Norton's realizations aren't through teachings such as the ones that got him in jail but they are through the events in the time he spent in jail.

Norton's performance though wasn't just about range but exploring different dimensions of life.

Whether it proved to be psychological, social or even political on a certain level.

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Not only because of the Derek Vinyard character but because of the characters involved in his life.

For example the root of his evil did not come from the murder of his father but rather his father himself.

As much as the main character might not seem relevant or connected to many people it his emotions and functioning of his mind that all of us are able to connect with.

Yet what makes a movie great is not simply the message or messages sent across but how powerfully they are delivered.

Avery Brooks also gives a great performance as Derek Vinyard's former teacher and now principal of his former school.

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