Xna game time not updating

Chad has been writing games and graphics software for more than 15 years.

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I found the chapter on custom importers and processors to be particularly helpful.

The examples were easy to understand and implement in my own practice code.

However the content is outdated and you can actually learn everything you need off the XNA Game HUB website.

this was a nice reference and quick tutorial guide book which I still utilize sometimes but actually purchased the XNA Game Studio Unleashed 2nd Edition which has way more content and spells out the coding a lot better.

Here’s a short tutorial showing how I make three-state buttons: Assuming you have opened/created your XNA game project in Visual Studio, add the following to your global variables just under the // Global variables enum BState const int NUMBER_OF_BUTTONS = 3, EASY_BUTTON_INDEX = 0, MEDIUM_BUTTON_INDEX = 1, HARD_BUTTON_INDEX = 2, BUTTON_HEIGHT = 40, BUTTON_WIDTH = 88; Color background_color; Color[] button_color = new Color[NUMBER_OF_BUTTONS]; Rectangle[] button_rectangle = new Rectangle[NUMBER_OF_BUTTONS]; BState[] button_state = new BState[NUMBER_OF_BUTTONS]; Texture2D[] button_texture = new Texture2D[NUMBER_OF_BUTTONS]; double[] button_timer = new double[NUMBER_OF_BUTTONS]; //mouse pressed and mouse just pressed bool mpressed, prev_mpressed = false; //mouse location in window int mx, my; double frame_time; // starting x and y locations to stack buttons // vertically in the middle of the screen int x = Window. Here's a screen shot: Note: Most xna game projects have button classes and event managers, but I find that since buttons are usually not the focus of my game I'd rather just have four lightweight arrays and essentially two methods called on each update.

Y; prev_mpressed = mpressed; mpressed = mouse_state. Pressed; update_buttons(); You should now have working buttons!

This edition contains nine new chapters, including all-new sections on creating networked games, programming games for the Zune handheld, and preparing and submitting games to Xbox LIVE, where accepted titles will reach gamers worldwide.

Chad Carter, Chief Technology Officer at Robertson Marketing Group, authored the previous edition of this book, Microsoft® XNA™ Unleashed: Graphics and Game Programming for Xbox 360 and Windows.

Well, I have managed to get to chapter 5 without any problems.

For now, the book has been an AWESOME resource of information and a pretty good tutorial in all the ways I expected it to be.

In "Microsoft(R) XNA(R) Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed," XNA expert Chad Carter covers the entire XNA platform, presents extensive sample code, and explains that code line by line.


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