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Katrina has convinced me that on the website you find profiles of only those Ukrainian women who truly want to get married.The women are interviewed by the agency’s staff and have to prove their identities.

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Kates has achieved extraordinary results working with Asian men.

Katrina and her team work with each customer individually by considerately listening to his needs, expectations and requirements as to his future partner () and always carefully select potential matches for each man.

From my experience, I have to mention that most of the Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine are not aware of how the search could be complicated for them.

Originally, Katrina and her team ask a Ukrainian lady if she likes the proposed man.

The agency has been in business for more than 10 years.

The agency operates not only in Ukraine, but also in Japan and South Korea for many years.

The agency does not post on their web site data of any lady until verification of her identity and contact information is confirmed.

The possibility of getting scammed by the woman is fairly reduced.

Be prepared for your Ukrainian dating process and learn more about the Ukrainian culture, mentality, family values and traditions.

You know that search for an extraordinary Ukrainian lady is sensible and life-defining.

Moreover, the agency offers following additional services: Kates systematically monitors online dating scam and fraud.


  1. There are also GL games, which focus on female/female relationships, and BL Games, which focus on male/male pairings.

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  7. Exceptions to the rule he is an meeting working or in the middle of a movie or something. Bonnie if a 43 year old man doesn't have enough sense to pick up a phone and actually call, once in a while, he's too old for me to school and I don't want him. Some men just shouldn't be dating they're emotionally unavailable but there are too many women who accept being managed down with text. I was one who was taught wrong, but now that I know my mistakes, it's up to me to correct them. Guy I'm dating told me that early on because I didn't text him back quickly (frankly I was just busy or out camping & couldn't) that it made him think about me more & left him wanting to know me better because I was different than other girls. ) just pick up the phone & check in "hi, I texted you a couple of days ago about a movie & you never responded. In fact, it's a great test to see if he's lazy, wussy, doesn't really care, or is immature. All of it puts the burden of acting the right way and "the rules" on the woman.

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